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© 2021 by TheThreadSJ.  All RIghts Reserved

© 2021 by TheThreadSJ.  All RIghts Reserved

Since my first job in news when I was 19, I've always understood the vital need for everyone to stay informed about what's happening in their communities, but there is so much more to this world than a handful of harsh headlines that we often judge it by. Our communities are full of strong, industrious, leaders; independent thinkers; cutting edge business owners; a vibrant arts and entertainment scene; prime real estate; amazing restaurants and shops; and compassionate hearts of all ages that drive everything from huge philanthropic endeavors to children's charity lemonade stands down the street. South Jersey also has bragging rights to some of the best fishing, golf, boating, and outdoor recreation around - not to mention our beautiful beaches and boardwalks. We are an area full of people on the move who have big ideas, big dreams, and big hearts.  


Together, with a team of highly talented professionals, we want to remind you that we are more than headlines, because when it comes to truly defining the world around us - what matters most is what connects us

Michelle Dawn Mooney

CEO, "The Thread SJ"