• Matt Powell

7 Day Forecast

Hello South Jersey and welcome to TheThreadSJ!! Michelle Dawn Mooney and I are very excited to bring this new source of information to everyone from South Jersey and those visiting as well! I am chief meteorologist Matt Powell and I will be keeping you all up to date on what you can expect weather wise across our area. I am hoping to have many of you become part of TheThread well! If you have some interesting weather photos, whether it be storm damage, rainbows or snow drifts, I encourage you to share them to our Facebook or Twitter pages. Not only would I love to see them but I'm sure others will as well! And of course storm reports are always welcomed, and are actually a great help to meteorologists. If you have a storm report, question or comment please feel free to email me at mpowell@thethreadsj.com. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has followed me over the years on NBC40 and more recently on sjntv.com. This is now our new home but I promise to always bring you the same reliable and accurate forecast you can count on.

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