Dad Bod Style

Have you turned into your father, or are you desperately holding on to your college years? Somewhere in between? What is your style saying about you?

How relieved were you when the "dad bod" became trendy? (I'm still waiting on the mom bod to become trendy, but we'll discuss that kind of body positivity another day.) I mean, even Zac Efron arguably has a dad bod on his show on Netflix, Down to Earth, and who isn't attracted to Zac Efron? Ok, now stop thinking about Zac Efron, and come back to me: dad bods. What's a dad bod? A "dad bod" is described as a male physique that is neither really slim or toned. No, you don't have to be a dad to rock the dad bod. Whether you're a dad or not, when does your style change?

When does your style turn into "dad style"?

So, when does your style turn into "dad style"? Is it when your t-shirts from high school and college are almost old enough to vote? I almost wonder if there a certain age, when all of a sudden, you have three different pairs of white new balance sneakers - one for around the house, one for going out, and one for mowing the lawn, of course. Or maybe you've gone from wearing pants with pleats ironically to preferring pleated pants...

Some other check ins you should have with your wardrobe involve asking yourself, how much of these clothes did I purchase myself? Translation: is the majority of your closet made up of hand me down clothes from a well intentioned family member ((cough)) MOM ((cough))? Also, while we're on the topic of hand me downs and gifts, let's all agree that there is no need for novelty ties. Save that quirky side to yourself for a fun pair of socks instead. Don't worry, sports team attire - totally fine when you're watching a game!

What does my personality have to do with my clothes?

Style expression is hard for men, and I promise I'm not saying that with any sarcasm. It's not challenging in the sense that they have to try something on in three different sizes in an attempt to find one that fits. It's difficult, because men's clothing options are so limited compared to women's options. Just think about how easy it is to define professional attire for men: a suit, button down shirt, tie, and dress shoes. Done. Women have so many choices, it can quickly become overwhelming. However, once you can identify with who you are, and how you want to express that, the clothes become easy.

Style Challenge

Ask yourself what colors you enjoy wearing. Challenge yourself to stop thinking about fashion rules, and think (without judgement) what colors you actually like. The next time you shop, buy something in that color. It can be a shirt, socks, a tie, pocket square, sneakers, belt, any clothing item or accessory. My next challenge for you is to wear it the day after you buy it. See how you carry yourself, how you feel in it.

Why is this relevant to the "dad bod"? Because, chances are, if this post piqued your interest, you've lost yourself a bit, and while your "dad bod" may not be a direct reflection on that, your "dad bod style" is. If you're stuck wearing REALLY old t-shirts, or you jumped right on ahead to those new balances, you're not connecting with who you are right now.

Get inspired by these celebrity dads' styles:

John Krasinski

John Krasinksi's style is often described as "low key stylish". His style is the easiest to imitate, without pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. He typically wears a basic, solid color t-shirt, neutral pants, and a cool yet timeless jacket. Occasionally, he'll add a little bit of color or patterns to his outfit, but it's almost always subtle, which speaks to his subtle sense of humor and approach to comedy. It's easy - good neutral basics, add a layering piece like a coat or sweater, and you're good to go.

How regular dads wear it ...