Day Tripping: 10 Places You Won't Want to Miss This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road. We've gathered a perfect list of fun and even educational places to check out that will be far enough to get away while keeping you close to home.

Cape May County Zoo

The Cape May County Zoo was created in 1978 in the Cape May County Park. When it first opened, the zoo's animals consisted of an African lion, primates (spider monkeys), various barnyard animals, and New Jersey wildlife animals. In the early 1980s, the zoo started to bring in more exotic animals such as black bears, bison, antelope, primates, and birds. By 1986, the zoo received donations and began major reconstruction. New animal exhibits were added as well as a medical and diet preparation building. In 1989, they became AZA accredited and still are to this day. The zoo started with an animal population of around 70 in 1978 and the zoo now has 550 animals, representing 250 species. The zoo is free to enter and families of all ages and sizes are welcome to visit. There are various picnic tables and even a playground outside of the zoo in the park for guests to enjoy. Donations are always appreciated.

Delsea Drive-In

The Delsea Drive-In was built in 1949. It closed in 1987 and then reopened again in 2004. It is located on Delsea Drive in Vineland, New Jersey and is New Jersey’s only drive-in movie theatre. The outdoor venue is less than an hour drive from Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Delaware. The drive-in provides affordable fun for all ages and even offers healthier food options at the concessions stand. The concessions stand is where most of the revenue comes from and where the drive-in's operating expenses are covered. Hence why they ask for a request not to bring in outside food and beverages unless you purchase a food permit which is available when you purchase your general admission ticket online. General admission tickets for ages 4 + are $11 + tax and fee and children 3 and under are free. The drive-in is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday You can visit their website for current movies playing.

Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary