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Face Mask Chains: Fall's New "it" Accessory

If you're sick of digging through your purse looking for your mask, you're going to want a face mask chain. Are you not in love with wearing your mask hanging on one ear while you're driving in your car? Yeah, me neither. The last thing I want is for my mask to drop on the ground, ugh, no, thanks. My favorite, stylish, on trend solution ... the face mask chain.

If you're leaving your house these days, your mask is absolutely coming with you. For me, now it's me and my mask chain, but more on that in a bit. As soon as masks started to become enforced, I began to look at local makers to see who was selling masks that matched my personal style. I mean, I'm a personal stylist, my mask needs to look just as cool as the rest of my outfit.

Stylish Masks Made Locally

After lots of searching, I found Philly based designer, Elva Olive, and immediately purchased masks from her. When I contacted her, she even sent me a picture of the different fabrics she could use to create my mask. So, if you love the mask featured in the video below, as much as I do, make sure that you reach out to Michele, of Elva Olive, and order your very own!

Wearing one of my favorite chain from Stone Cooper.

Why you'll really want a mask chain

When you're out running errands, or going through the drive thru, taking your mask on and off, or leaving one side hanging from your ear, is a little annoyance. The one ear mask look is definitely not cute. Thankfully, there's a solution that is also a fantastic accessory: mask chains! Mask chains are very similar to sunglasses chains. They allow you to wear your mask around your neck, like when you're in the car, and you can easily put it back on your face when you need to.

My absolute favorite mask chain is made by another local maker, Stone Cooper. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I am OBSESSED with the jewelry by Stone Cooper. The mask chain featured in my video below is the Curb-chain mask chain in antique brass. I love how versatile the chain is, and how it looks like another necklace when I wear it with my mask. It immediately gives you the cool layered necklace look! Check it out in my video!

Put the sound on to hear more tips!

Other mask chain options:

More mask chains by Stone Cooper

O Happy Day - this maker is based in Egg Harbor Township, NJ! She makes face mask chains for kids too!

Mask Chains by Amy Landell - Amy is based in Marlton, NJ! She also does custom orders.

Donni - not local, but these mask chains are selling like crazy! Lots of chic options.

Happy shopping, and comment below with your favorite face mask chains!

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