National Radio Day - August 20, 2020

“Goooooooood morning Vietnam!” Robin Williams, Good Morning, Vietnam (1987).

The invention of the radio wasn’t just thought up by one person. It was a team effort. Just like any popular radio show you listen to today. There is a team of people behind the mic. Heinrich Hertz’s in Germany proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly. In Croatia, Tesla patented and provided the radio with the Tesla coil and alternating current. Italian, Guglielmo Marconi was the first to make it commercially available wireless.

Now you may be thinking that the radio is just used for listening to music and different talk shows but it actually started out with a more practical function. The wireless radio first served the military. It also provided a regular public service role as well. Like the dits and dots of a telegram it wirelessly transmitted information.

In 1906, the first radio broadcast with voice and music was heard purely for entertainment purposes. Reginald Fessenden transmitted the program from Brant Rock, MA.

American Lee de Forest invented the Audion vacuum which allowed for live broadcasting.

Here in South Jersey we have a ton of local stations that bring us a variety of entertainment. What's your favorite?

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