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National Spoil Your Dog Day - August 10

Man's Best Friend = a creature that truly loves you no matter the day or the situation. Our dogs are usually the first to greet us and give us kisses when we return home from a long day at work, or just returning from grabbing the mail. Yes, they have their moments when we catch them in the act of raiding a pantry or tearing up a couch, but let's put that aside today and cherish them for how special they truly are.

Besides all the love they give us, dogs are proven to be great for your health! According to the CDC, studies show that the bond created between people and pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring more happiness to owners. Fido or Fluffy may also be responsible for lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well.

So, for National Spoil You Dog Day - why not buy them a new treat or toy; take them for an extra long walk; give them a therapeutic belly rub; or play an intense game of fetch? They deserve the world for all the joy they bring us EVERY day of their lives - not just on holidays.

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