Lemon Power: How this little fruit can make you happy and healthy!

You know the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" - a great statement, literally and figuratively. There's nothing quite like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, but there are SO many more ways to use this lovely yellow fruit. In honor of National Lemon Juice Day (Yes, it is a thing ... August 29th), we are reminding you of all the fabulous ways you can use this tart and tangy liquid.

Better Health

Lemons are well known to have wonderful medicinal properties (we'll get to that in a moment), but they can also help us stay hydrated. We all know that we should be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, but for some of us, water can be a little bland on its own. A shot of lemon juice usually does the trick by making cup after cup a little tastier. Lemons are also packed with vitamin C and according to healthline.com, they can help aid in digestion, freshen breath, and even prevent kidney stones. Lemon can also help oxygenate the body, helping you feel refreshed and revitalized and its powerful scent is said to have calming properties and can even help promote concentration.

Better Skin

Lemons are full of antioxidants that can protect your skin from sun damage as well as free radicals that lead to premature aging. There are tons of articles that promote lemon juice applied directly to your face to help with oil, acne, and even wrinkles, but we're going to suggest you leave that up to your dermatologist. The acid in lemons is very powerful (as you'll see in our next section), so everyone can respond differently to putting that acid liquid directly on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are a number of beauty products out there that contain vitamin C with an amount that is specially formulated for your skin.

Cleaner ... Almost Everything

Here's where that powerful acid really comes in handy. Lemon juice is known as one of the best ingredients for safe and chemical-free cleaning for routine cleaning, laundry, and even repelling insects! Nourish Books has a great list of more than thirty ways to freshen, deodorize and disinfect around the house, but some of our favorites include ...

- Use lemon juice to disinfect cutting boards

- Sprinkle lemon juice on berry stains to help them fade

- Make furniture polish by mixing 2 parts olive oil and 1 part strained fresh lemon juice in a glass jar