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We're putting the spotlight on artisans, crafters and foodies who make and sell their wares in South Jersey.

It's Craft Fair + Art Show + Farmers Market

Image by Caroline Attwood

Our September Picks

Little Fella 

Design Co.

This family-owned business creates high quality handmade items that can cozy up any room. You can browse through a variety of designs or have something custom-made to your liking. Their fall collection may just have you itching to go apple picking. As a military family ,they proudly offer discounts for military, police and first responders. 

Busy Bees NJ

Locally owned and harvested honey can make some pretty delicious dishes. We are hooked on the Cinnamon Honey Spread - perfect for those September days that conjure up the need to add a little spice to our lives. Great on pancakes, toast and bagels! They also carry honey flavored with everything from mandarin and wildflower to garlic and habaneros. 

Art by

Michael Clineman

An avid surfer, artist Michael Clineman uses his love of all things tropical to inspire unique 3-D pieces as well as beach-y paintings that keep the memory of summer alive all year long. They'll quickly remind you of warm breezes and crashing waves at the Jersey Shore. His unique wave sculptures are always a crowd favorite.

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